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Can Conservatories Be Energy Efficient?

Conservatories have been staple additions to many UK homes for many years. They bring light into your property and create additional space that can be enjoyed year round. Glazed extensions can bring up concerns about thermal efficiency. Because heat is lost through windows, some people are reluctant to install conservatories. However, there is a solution. Read on to discover more.

How Energy Efficient Is A Standard Conservatory?

Since the introduction of double glazing, conservatories are not as energy inefficient as you might think. This means that adding one to your home shouldn’t cause a significant reduction in thermal efficiency. Double glazing has a negative space in between two panes of glass. This makes the transfer of heat much slower, therefore reducing heat fluctuations in your property.

Conservatory design can also effect the energy efficiency. Some models include more brickwork, and others more glazing. Naturally, those with less glazing will be a little more efficient.

What Is A Warm Roof Conservatory?

The majority of heat is lost through the roof of your conservatory. Therefore, you can add a ‘warm roof’ to improve its thermal efficiency. If you find that your conservatory feels too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, a warm roof can help. Although they have a fancy name, they don’t look very different from a standard tiled roof. The tiles used are lightweight and energy efficient. Once fitted, they’ll reduce the amount of heat loss as well as prevent sunlight from heating your property up too much.

A 3D rendering of a 'Warm Roof'

What Are The Benefits Of Better Insulation?

Warm roofs, double glazing and additional brickwork create better insulation. A well-insulated property loses less heat, therefore requiring less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature. This results in lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

It also means that your conservatory will be comfortable to use all year round. This means that your investment will be better value for money.

For Conservatories & Insulating Warm Roofs, Choose Ambassador Windows

We can install a new conservatory for you in whichever style you please. In addition, we can also fit a warm roof and advise on features which will offer the best possible thermal efficiency. If you want to fit a glazed extension that’s comfortable all year round, get in touch with our team today.

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